Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009

New Princess Goodies :)

I told you I had a few new things planned! I’ve been working my sexy lil ass off- well, whenever I’ve had the time and inclination to do so…lol… Anyway, I’ve been making some fun new stuff for you guys to enjoy while you wait for me to be available on Niteflirt again. The time is definitely coming, pets! I’ve decided that I have some free time in the daytime hours that I can’t think of a better use for than teasing, denying, wallet raping, and humiliating little old you. Or even better, LOTS of you. There’s an incomparable rush that comes from making an otherwise intelligent man fall senselessly in love with me! (Senseless because he knows full well he can never really have me.) The only thing better is watching his wallet quickly follow. *Giggles*

So, on to the goodies:

Humiliation Challenge – $15

What a REAL man thinks of YOU, loser! – $15

So enjoy! There’s more coming soon, I’m working on some new MP3’s and thinking or rerecording some old ones. So stay tuned! And look for me on Niteflirt very soon…. I’m in the mood to collect some new playthings. *Smiles*

Saturday, 1 Aug 2009

Working on a few things…

I know, it’s so hard for you boys to exist without me while I’m away. *Laughs* I still find it MUCH more satisfying to just login whenever I want, so if you were hoping that I’d finally come up with some kind of schedule? Sadly, you’ll just have to keep hoping. But lucky you- I have been working on some new Princess goodies to keep you occupied when I’m not around! Some new recordings and mp3’s, some new pics for you to drool over, and even some fun little games for you to play. (Don’t worry-I know it’s hard to keep your wits about you when you’re rock hard and drooling over me. These games will engage your wallet much more than they will your horny little mind! *Giggles*)

So look for those soon! Of course I’ll post them here and on my listings when they’re all done. AND, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve updated my Niteflirt listings. Take a look if you haven’t yet! I’m sure you’ll find them….interesting…. :)

Thursday, 4 Jun 2009

The DOMINANT girlfriend experience

So. I come back to Niteflirt to play with you boys again, and apparently, not much has changed while I’ve been away… I’m still getting SO many REAL men, it’s insane! Guys who aren’t begging to be my bitch, or needing to be humiliated, or forced to admit all their naughty little cuckold desires…*laughs softly* You know, all the things you boys usually have on your minds when you call. :)

Seriously! This past weekend I had a wave of normal, vanilla guys who were perfectly content to send me ca$h and open paid mail after paid mail just because they wanted to fuck me. Simple, straightforward, and actually, pretty damn interesting!

Now don’t get it twisted! I don’t care how much of a REAL man you are, I still don’t do moan and groan vanilla phone bone! There are only a few things that get me excited enough to touch my perfect pussy and I have yet to meet the man on Niteflirt who’s entertaining (or rich) enough to get it out of me! Of course, you’re all encouraged to keep trying. Lol… But still! Mind fucking, and sowing the seeds of addiction. My sparkling wit and totally toxic giggle! Owning the conversation and owning wallets. In short, all the things I usually do with you submissive wankers-all the things that make me love phone sex in the first place-but with a REAL man and REAL cock at the other end of the line. Imagine that!

I decided, I’m calling it the dominant girlfriend experience. And I’m adding it to the super long list of a million things that I’m exceptional at! If you’ve already experienced Me, you already know that I’m impossible to resist. If you haven’t experienced Me yet? Consider yourself warned… *Laughs*

I’m taking calls for an hour or two tonight, just until I have to get dressed to have dinner with some friends. So call and entertain me, if you think you’re man enough! I’ll also be on tomorrow afternoon. No set time, just whenever I feel like it. So look for me. OH, and for future reference? All you boys, sniffing around my listings, curious to call me but too afraid to, clicking my buttons but not opening my mail? Just clicking my buttons does not get my attention! Actually opening and paying for them does. Anyway, that’s all for now….

Friday, 29 May 2009

It’s been forever!

I honestly can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! I guess I’ve just been so busy living My awesome Princess life that I haven’t had much time to take money from you losers in a while. *Giggles* To be honest, I’ve had one very special benefactor taking care of all of My needs, so there’s just been no need for it.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and even rich guys bore me eventually. Lol… So I’m back on Niteflirt for the meantime, and lucky you! You all get to pick up the slack. :) As usual, there’s no regular schedule to speak of. I log on if I want, when I want, so if you see me available, better call me right away.

Hopefully you’ll all be entertaining….I’m in the mood for a new plaything. :)

Tuesday, 28 Oct 2008

Why does domination have to be mean?

Seriously. I wanna know why the terms fem domme, or domination, or financial domination have all become so synonymous with being MEAN. Like, I mean it kinda makes sense that if a girl is going to want to use you for your money…or make you humiliate yourself in public…or *gasp* wanna fuck you with her huge strap on! Lol… I get it that those things seem “mean” to most people, and so you’d expect the girl you call for one of those fantasies to be all mean and evil with it, right? I get why you expect it. What I don’t get, is why it’s such a surprise to you guys when it doesn’t go down that way?

I’ll explain… Sunday morning, I had just gotten home from an afterparty so I was kinda tipsy, REALLY happy, and TOTALLY In the mood to take some calls on Niteflirt before I finally went to sleep. And what do you know, after just 5 minutes of being logged on, you pervs were all over my ass! Buying my new pic sets, buying my cuckold recording, and even buying my yahoo ID.

All of that’s totally expected of you, so that part was all good. :) But eventually, I found myself on a call (and watching on Yahoo) with a cute lil stroker perv boy. Of course, I treated him the same way I treat the rest of you losers, which is…polite disdain, followed by laughter at ALL of your shortcomings, followed by you *begging* to cum in whichever perverted way that *I* choose. And waiting till I grant permission, of course. Lol… Of course in his case, it meant me watching him stroke it on cam and him begging me to whore him out to whoever I wanted…lol… But still! Fun times. *Smiles*

But after I was finally done with him, he was like, “WOW. You’re not like my usual Mistress, but that was awesome!” How, I ask… He says, “It’s just a different style. She’s WAY meaner.” And I’m like, “Is that a complaint??” Which was a rhetorical question, cause I kept him on the phone (and on the cam) for about an hour, stroking and begging….but still! So he says, “NO no, of course not! It’s just a different style!”

Which leads me to my question: Why do fem dommes have to be mean? The answer is, We don’t have to be! I like cuckolding, I like tease and denial, I like wallet raping, I like forced intox. I like domme-y roleplays, and I like SPH. But I DON’T like having to yell at you! You keep coming back cause you like my sweet personality. You keep throwing cash at me cause you know I fucking deserve it. You do what I ask cause you know it will please me, NOT cause I have to force you into it kicking and screaming.

Don’t get it twisted. You’ll feel the effects of my power when I’m done with you. And your wallet *definitely* will! I just don’t need to be excessively mean to get my point across. You let me own you cause you NEED to. And you NEED Me. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Sunday, 19 Oct 2008

Just so you know…

K. I’ve had an *amazing* week on Niteflirt so far! It’s just crazy to me how many of you guys are willing to click my new buttons…and send me cash…and call me just to be laughed at! Lol… But since I’m making myself available more often now, I think it’s about time that I share some stuff with you. You need to know a little more about me, so you can understand me, AND so I don’t end up on another one of these, “Yell at me Mistress! Make me your bitch!” type of calls. UGH.

So… Just so you know… I’m not some kind of goth/bdsm/hardcore Mistress. I’m just not. YES, I think I should be spoiled and worshipped. YES, I think the new world order should be that guys follow my every command. *Giggles* But I DON’T want to scream at you for it, or do the whips and chains thing, or beat your ass to get what I know I deserve. It’s fun to me when you WANT to give to me…when you’re taken in by my sweet voice and my pushy lil attitude. When I manipulate you to do what I want. See?

I’m just a normal girl. I’m in college (I’m taking the “slow” path, I’ve been taking 4 credits a semester for like, ever…lol) I have a life (that’s why I’m not on NF 24/7) and I refuse to be anything other than myself when you call. And in case you hadn’t noticed, “myself” is totally cute, fucking adorable, actually… Manipulative, materialistic, and spoiled. But I’m also sweet, and sexy, and pretty giggly when the mood strikes me….

I’m not your typical Mistress. But I AM the Princess of your wildest dreams. Like I said-just so you know. I think I’m gonna log on to take some money from you guys shortly. Look for me around 8am…

Thursday, 16 Oct 2008

Keep yourself occupied….

I’ve been making myself available on Niteflirt MUCH more often lately. In case you hadn’t noticed. :) But I’m sure you have noticed, cause the trend, it seems, is for you losers to stalk my blog here, and my Niteflirt pages, and my feedback, and my fucking *everything*! Lol… I guess I can’t exactly blame you. You want the sunshine that is ME shining into your life…and because you’re so obviously my LAST priority, you always have to wait for me to become available. Well, that-and the fact that the moment I sign on, I get inundated with calls and emails-and that makes it hard to get ahold of me. Lol…

But-you’re in luck! I’ve recently aded a few new goodies for you to occupy yourself with, even when I’m not around! The first 3 are pics, the last one is an mp3 recording. So thank me for the privilege, and enjoy as follows:

In bed, waiting for a REAL man! (3 pics)

Sexy lil ME by the pool in My bikini. (3 pics)

TOTAL Princess worship!! (3 pics)

*What I do when I spot a cuckold bitch*

Buy now as MP3, or click here to listen per minute.

SO. Don’t say I never did anything for you. *Giggles* Have some fun and check out ALL of the above. Pics of your prefect Princess, and even an mp3 cuckold recording!! Does it get any better than that?? I’ll be taking calls for a couple of hours tonight, so call me if you think you can entertain me. Seriously. If you can’t entertain me with your cock or your wallet, don’t waste my time.

Sunday, 12 Oct 2008

REAL men? Huh?? :)

So….I’ve finally found some time to be on Niteflirt again to play with you losers. Taking your money, taking your hearts, and taking advantage. You know, the usual. *Giggles* Surprisingly, I’ve had a couple of days of REAL men calling. Understand, I don’t mean that they got REAL men privileges! Lol… One of them called my Ignore Line for just over 2 hours, to sit in complete silence and NOT even touching his cock, while I talked to my one of my girlyfriends (and of course, he sent both of us a *large* tribute after!) Another one tonight wanted to talk about his big cock, and my big cock fantasies, and just chat with me (with NO cumming for him!) for just over 2 hours. Not to mention ALL the other random calls I’m getting tonight…

Cuckold fantasies….and tease and denial…and guided masturbation….the usual stuff.

But beyond that, can I just say WTF? I LOVE it that REAL men are calling…but it’s a MORE than a little bit surprising! Like, the only reason I have to laugh at them is cause they’re so willing to part with their money to spend it on yours truly! *Giggles* No small cocks, no low stamina, no ugly or undesirables…apparently these “normal” guys just want to give their cash to me! They just wanna sit on the phone and buy me stuff. They just wanna be belittled and fucking OWNED by the Princess. So who am I to complain? *Smiles*

So yeah…apparently I’m the Princess “girl du jour” for REAL men as well as all of you losers. And since I’m still up, appreciate the attention I’m giving you! Call and fucking entertain me! Bring your money, your wallets, your desire to please, and your sick ass loser fantasies! I’m gonna be up for another hour or two, so make it worth my while.

Wednesday, 3 Sep 2008

Pervs love the Princess

Apparently! WOW was it a weird and super busy morning for me on Tuesday!! I woke up super early thinking I had breakfast plans, but they ended up falling through so I took calls for a while on Niteflirt. And I’m glad I find perverts so entertaining….cause I think I only had *one* normal, REAL man call me all morning!

It was all, “Princess, you’re WAY hotter than my girlfriend, and I know I could never have you but could we please talk for a while?” (Yes, I know I’m hotter than your gf. That’s why you’re sneaking around perving out to my pictures at 6 in the morning. Lol..) Or, “Princess, I want you to use me with all of your friends, could you pass me around and spit on me?” (Maybe. Depends on how much money you have to spend….)

And of course, at least 15 more emails telling me how hot I am and begging to buy my Yahoo ID and begging me to call them at home. Blah, blah, blah… As if. So like I said, apparently pervs truly do LOVE the Princess. Namely me. And how could you resist me even if you wanted to? That’s exactly right. You couldn’t. AND we both know you wouldn’t want to anyway.. Lol… Just please know that while I love the compliments? Money talks. If you *really* want my attention, you should pay me for the pleasure. Period. And that’s all I have to say about that. :)

So…I may be doing this whole Niteflirt thing more often. I gotta figure out what time of the day works best for me, and then I’ll let you guys know. For now, it’s probably best that you just wait around for my call button to say available, and jump on the chance to call me whenever it presents itself. I refuse to slack on my social life just to make you losers happy, but I have to admit… This whole, “Money for just being bratty, adorable, sexy lil me” thing? Is *really* a lot of fun. :)

We’ll see how it goes…

Friday, 8 Aug 2008

Yummy goodness :)

Since I finally decided to make myself available on Niteflirt again, I thought I’d share a new yummy pic with you. And you love it, right? Lol… It’s totally fun for me to tease and deny you….and cuckold you…and make you worship me, of course… But the BEST part is when I SHOW you exactly what it is that you’ll never have. *Giggles* Cause I promise you-unless you’re a real man with a real cock? This is as close as you’ll ever get to my sexy ass and tight little body. Lol…

I have to say, I’m LOVING the calls I’ve been getting so far! Who knew phone sex could be this much fun? If I’d known that I could make this much cash just by teasing with my sexy ass, I would have done it a LOT sooner! Lol… I’m on Niteflirt now, and I’ll probably stay on for a couple of hours. Any of you bitches wanna prove you’re worthy? CALL me. And if you’re so weak that you have to wank to my pics? Be a good boy and pay for the privilege, k? My tribute buttons are all over all of my listings. Wanking’s not for free. And good boys always ask permission first. *Giggles*

OH! And….more pics coming soon. No nudes cause I just don’t do that. But more pics and some almost nude stuff on the way….so stay posted. Also, I’m going to start being on more often. I don’t do schedules, putting my social life on hold to talk to you wanking pervs is so NOT EVER going to happen! :) But I definitely recognize the opportunity…you pervs have money to spend and I’d be totally dumb not to stay around to take it all from you. Right? And even beyond My Princess Domme stuff…. I’m always open for the rare REAL man who can make me cum till I pass out almost. Lol…

Whichever type of guy you are… I wanna talk to you. So CALL me.