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New Princess Goodies :)

I told you I had a few new things planned! I’ve been working my sexy lil ass off- well, whenever I’ve had the time and inclination to do so…lol… Anyway, I’ve been making some fun new stuff for you guys to enjoy while you wait for me to be available on Niteflirt again. [...]

Working on a few things…

I know, it’s so hard for you boys to exist without me while I’m away. *Laughs* I still find it MUCH more satisfying to just login whenever I want, so if you were hoping that I’d finally come up with some kind of schedule? Sadly, you’ll just have to keep hoping. But lucky [...]

The DOMINANT girlfriend experience

So. I come back to Niteflirt to play with you boys again, and apparently, not much has changed while I’ve been away… I’m still getting SO many REAL men, it’s insane! Guys who aren’t begging to be my bitch, or needing to be humiliated, or forced to admit all their naughty little [...]

It’s been forever!

I honestly can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! I guess I’ve just been so busy living My awesome Princess life that I haven’t had much time to take money from you losers in a while. *Giggles* To be honest, I’ve had one very special benefactor taking care of all of [...]

Just so you know…

K. I’ve had an *amazing* week on Niteflirt so far! It’s just crazy to me how many of you guys are willing to click my new buttons…and send me cash…and call me just to be laughed at! Lol… But since I’m making myself available more often now, I think it’s about [...]

Pervs love the Princess

Apparently! WOW was it a weird and super busy morning for me on Tuesday!! I woke up super early thinking I had breakfast plans, but they ended up falling through so I took calls for a while on Niteflirt. And I’m glad I find perverts so entertaining….cause I think I only had [...]

Hi guys!

Hi there I’m not sure how it’s best to start out this “about me” page… Should I start out all bitchy and bratty and let you get a taste of my personality right up front? Or should I play it all sweet and suck you in… that by the [...]