Sunday, 12 Oct 2008

REAL men? Huh?? :)

So….I’ve finally found some time to be on Niteflirt again to play with you losers. Taking your money, taking your hearts, and taking advantage. You know, the usual. *Giggles* Surprisingly, I’ve had a couple of days of REAL men calling. Understand, I don’t mean that they got REAL men privileges! Lol… One of them called my Ignore Line for just over 2 hours, to sit in complete silence and NOT even touching his cock, while I talked to my one of my girlyfriends (and of course, he sent both of us a *large* tribute after!) Another one tonight wanted to talk about his big cock, and my big cock fantasies, and just chat with me (with NO cumming for him!) for just over 2 hours. Not to mention ALL the other random calls I’m getting tonight…

Cuckold fantasies….and tease and denial…and guided masturbation….the usual stuff.

But beyond that, can I just say WTF? I LOVE it that REAL men are calling…but it’s a MORE than a little bit surprising! Like, the only reason I have to laugh at them is cause they’re so willing to part with their money to spend it on yours truly! *Giggles* No small cocks, no low stamina, no ugly or undesirables…apparently these “normal” guys just want to give their cash to me! They just wanna sit on the phone and buy me stuff. They just wanna be belittled and fucking OWNED by the Princess. So who am I to complain? *Smiles*

So yeah…apparently I’m the Princess “girl du jour” for REAL men as well as all of you losers. And since I’m still up, appreciate the attention I’m giving you! Call and fucking entertain me! Bring your money, your wallets, your desire to please, and your sick ass loser fantasies! I’m gonna be up for another hour or two, so make it worth my while.

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