Thursday, 16 Oct 2008

Keep yourself occupied….

I’ve been making myself available on Niteflirt MUCH more often lately. In case you hadn’t noticed. :) But I’m sure you have noticed, cause the trend, it seems, is for you losers to stalk my blog here, and my Niteflirt pages, and my feedback, and my fucking *everything*! Lol… I guess I can’t exactly blame you. You want the sunshine that is ME shining into your life…and because you’re so obviously my LAST priority, you always have to wait for me to become available. Well, that-and the fact that the moment I sign on, I get inundated with calls and emails-and that makes it hard to get ahold of me. Lol…

But-you’re in luck! I’ve recently aded a few new goodies for you to occupy yourself with, even when I’m not around! The first 3 are pics, the last one is an mp3 recording. So thank me for the privilege, and enjoy as follows:

In bed, waiting for a REAL man! (3 pics)

Sexy lil ME by the pool in My bikini. (3 pics)

TOTAL Princess worship!! (3 pics)

*What I do when I spot a cuckold bitch*

Buy now as MP3, or click here to listen per minute.

SO. Don’t say I never did anything for you. *Giggles* Have some fun and check out ALL of the above. Pics of your prefect Princess, and even an mp3 cuckold recording!! Does it get any better than that?? I’ll be taking calls for a couple of hours tonight, so call me if you think you can entertain me. Seriously. If you can’t entertain me with your cock or your wallet, don’t waste my time.

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