Sunday, 19 Oct 2008

Just so you know…

K. I’ve had an *amazing* week on Niteflirt so far! It’s just crazy to me how many of you guys are willing to click my new buttons…and send me cash…and call me just to be laughed at! Lol… But since I’m making myself available more often now, I think it’s about time that I share some stuff with you. You need to know a little more about me, so you can understand me, AND so I don’t end up on another one of these, “Yell at me Mistress! Make me your bitch!” type of calls. UGH.

So… Just so you know… I’m not some kind of goth/bdsm/hardcore Mistress. I’m just not. YES, I think I should be spoiled and worshipped. YES, I think the new world order should be that guys follow my every command. *Giggles* But I DON’T want to scream at you for it, or do the whips and chains thing, or beat your ass to get what I know I deserve. It’s fun to me when you WANT to give to me…when you’re taken in by my sweet voice and my pushy lil attitude. When I manipulate you to do what I want. See?

I’m just a normal girl. I’m in college (I’m taking the “slow” path, I’ve been taking 4 credits a semester for like, ever…lol) I have a life (that’s why I’m not on NF 24/7) and I refuse to be anything other than myself when you call. And in case you hadn’t noticed, “myself” is totally cute, fucking adorable, actually… Manipulative, materialistic, and spoiled. But I’m also sweet, and sexy, and pretty giggly when the mood strikes me….

I’m not your typical Mistress. But I AM the Princess of your wildest dreams. Like I said-just so you know. I think I’m gonna log on to take some money from you guys shortly. Look for me around 8am…

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