Tuesday, 28 Oct 2008

Why does domination have to be mean?

Seriously. I wanna know why the terms fem domme, or domination, or financial domination have all become so synonymous with being MEAN. Like, I mean it kinda makes sense that if a girl is going to want to use you for your money…or make you humiliate yourself in public…or *gasp* wanna fuck you with her huge strap on! Lol… I get it that those things seem “mean” to most people, and so you’d expect the girl you call for one of those fantasies to be all mean and evil with it, right? I get why you expect it. What I don’t get, is why it’s such a surprise to you guys when it doesn’t go down that way?

I’ll explain… Sunday morning, I had just gotten home from an afterparty so I was kinda tipsy, REALLY happy, and TOTALLY In the mood to take some calls on Niteflirt before I finally went to sleep. And what do you know, after just 5 minutes of being logged on, you pervs were all over my ass! Buying my new pic sets, buying my cuckold recording, and even buying my yahoo ID.

All of that’s totally expected of you, so that part was all good. :) But eventually, I found myself on a call (and watching on Yahoo) with a cute lil stroker perv boy. Of course, I treated him the same way I treat the rest of you losers, which is…polite disdain, followed by laughter at ALL of your shortcomings, followed by you *begging* to cum in whichever perverted way that *I* choose. And waiting till I grant permission, of course. Lol… Of course in his case, it meant me watching him stroke it on cam and him begging me to whore him out to whoever I wanted…lol… But still! Fun times. *Smiles*

But after I was finally done with him, he was like, “WOW. You’re not like my usual Mistress, but that was awesome!” How, I ask… He says, “It’s just a different style. She’s WAY meaner.” And I’m like, “Is that a complaint??” Which was a rhetorical question, cause I kept him on the phone (and on the cam) for about an hour, stroking and begging….but still! So he says, “NO no, of course not! It’s just a different style!”

Which leads me to my question: Why do fem dommes have to be mean? The answer is, We don’t have to be! I like cuckolding, I like tease and denial, I like wallet raping, I like forced intox. I like domme-y roleplays, and I like SPH. But I DON’T like having to yell at you! You keep coming back cause you like my sweet personality. You keep throwing cash at me cause you know I fucking deserve it. You do what I ask cause you know it will please me, NOT cause I have to force you into it kicking and screaming.

Don’t get it twisted. You’ll feel the effects of my power when I’m done with you. And your wallet *definitely* will! I just don’t need to be excessively mean to get my point across. You let me own you cause you NEED to. And you NEED Me. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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