Thursday, 4 Jun 2009

The DOMINANT girlfriend experience

So. I come back to Niteflirt to play with you boys again, and apparently, not much has changed while I’ve been away… I’m still getting SO many REAL men, it’s insane! Guys who aren’t begging to be my bitch, or needing to be humiliated, or forced to admit all their naughty little cuckold desires…*laughs softly* You know, all the things you boys usually have on your minds when you call. :)

Seriously! This past weekend I had a wave of normal, vanilla guys who were perfectly content to send me ca$h and open paid mail after paid mail just because they wanted to fuck me. Simple, straightforward, and actually, pretty damn interesting!

Now don’t get it twisted! I don’t care how much of a REAL man you are, I still don’t do moan and groan vanilla phone bone! There are only a few things that get me excited enough to touch my perfect pussy and I have yet to meet the man on Niteflirt who’s entertaining (or rich) enough to get it out of me! Of course, you’re all encouraged to keep trying. Lol… But still! Mind fucking, and sowing the seeds of addiction. My sparkling wit and totally toxic giggle! Owning the conversation and owning wallets. In short, all the things I usually do with you submissive wankers-all the things that make me love phone sex in the first place-but with a REAL man and REAL cock at the other end of the line. Imagine that!

I decided, I’m calling it the dominant girlfriend experience. And I’m adding it to the super long list of a million things that I’m exceptional at! If you’ve already experienced Me, you already know that I’m impossible to resist. If you haven’t experienced Me yet? Consider yourself warned… *Laughs*

I’m taking calls for an hour or two tonight, just until I have to get dressed to have dinner with some friends. So call and entertain me, if you think you’re man enough! I’ll also be on tomorrow afternoon. No set time, just whenever I feel like it. So look for me. OH, and for future reference? All you boys, sniffing around my listings, curious to call me but too afraid to, clicking my buttons but not opening my mail? Just clicking my buttons does not get my attention! Actually opening and paying for them does. Anyway, that’s all for now….

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