Saturday, 1 Aug 2009

Working on a few things…

I know, it’s so hard for you boys to exist without me while I’m away. *Laughs* I still find it MUCH more satisfying to just login whenever I want, so if you were hoping that I’d finally come up with some kind of schedule? Sadly, you’ll just have to keep hoping. But lucky you- I have been working on some new Princess goodies to keep you occupied when I’m not around! Some new recordings and mp3’s, some new pics for you to drool over, and even some fun little games for you to play. (Don’t worry-I know it’s hard to keep your wits about you when you’re rock hard and drooling over me. These games will engage your wallet much more than they will your horny little mind! *Giggles*)

So look for those soon! Of course I’ll post them here and on my listings when they’re all done. AND, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve updated my Niteflirt listings. Take a look if you haven’t yet! I’m sure you’ll find them….interesting…. :)

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