Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009

New Princess Goodies :)

I told you I had a few new things planned! I’ve been working my sexy lil ass off- well, whenever I’ve had the time and inclination to do so…lol… Anyway, I’ve been making some fun new stuff for you guys to enjoy while you wait for me to be available on Niteflirt again. The time is definitely coming, pets! I’ve decided that I have some free time in the daytime hours that I can’t think of a better use for than teasing, denying, wallet raping, and humiliating little old you. Or even better, LOTS of you. There’s an incomparable rush that comes from making an otherwise intelligent man fall senselessly in love with me! (Senseless because he knows full well he can never really have me.) The only thing better is watching his wallet quickly follow. *Giggles*

So, on to the goodies:

Humiliation Challenge – $15

What a REAL man thinks of YOU, loser! – $15

So enjoy! There’s more coming soon, I’m working on some new MP3’s and thinking or rerecording some old ones. So stay tuned! And look for me on Niteflirt very soon…. I’m in the mood to collect some new playthings. *Smiles*

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