Friday, 8 Aug 2008

Yummy goodness :)

Since I finally decided to make myself available on Niteflirt again, I thought I’d share a new yummy pic with you. And you love it, right? Lol… It’s totally fun for me to tease and deny you….and cuckold you…and make you worship me, of course… But the BEST part is when I SHOW you exactly what it is that you’ll never have. *Giggles* Cause I promise you-unless you’re a real man with a real cock? This is as close as you’ll ever get to my sexy ass and tight little body. Lol…

I have to say, I’m LOVING the calls I’ve been getting so far! Who knew phone sex could be this much fun? If I’d known that I could make this much cash just by teasing with my sexy ass, I would have done it a LOT sooner! Lol… I’m on Niteflirt now, and I’ll probably stay on for a couple of hours. Any of you bitches wanna prove you’re worthy? CALL me. And if you’re so weak that you have to wank to my pics? Be a good boy and pay for the privilege, k? My tribute buttons are all over all of my listings. Wanking’s not for free. And good boys always ask permission first. *Giggles*

OH! And….more pics coming soon. No nudes cause I just don’t do that. But more pics and some almost nude stuff on the way….so stay posted. Also, I’m going to start being on more often. I don’t do schedules, putting my social life on hold to talk to you wanking pervs is so NOT EVER going to happen! :) But I definitely recognize the opportunity…you pervs have money to spend and I’d be totally dumb not to stay around to take it all from you. Right? And even beyond My Princess Domme stuff…. I’m always open for the rare REAL man who can make me cum till I pass out almost. Lol…

Whichever type of guy you are… I wanna talk to you. So CALL me.

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